XEO® Laser Hair Removal

XEO® Laser Hair Removal

Are you tired of spending money on pricey razors? Having to shave regularly can be a struggle, especially since the hair grows back way too fast and is often accompanied by unsightly ingrown hairs, red bumps, and itchiness. Thankfully with the advancement of technology, we can get the smooth, supple skin we want without the hassle of relying on razors. A better alternative for safe, effective hair removal is here with the XEO® Laser Hair Removal system by Cutera®. This is a laser and light-based machine customizable with several different attachments to offer a wide array of aesthetic possibilities.


How Does XEO® Laser Hair Removal Work?

Convenience is a hot commodity. Spending your time shaving can become a daunting task. XEO® Laser Hair Removal works to eliminate stubborn unwanted hair with little if any downtime and excellent results. XEO®’s hair removal attachment, the ProWave LX™ works by emitting pulses of highly concentrated light energy directly into hair follicles. This concentration of light destroys the hair and gives you the smooth skin you’ve been dreaming of.

Why Choose XEO® Laser Hair Removal?

Whether you are a person who has thick or coarse body hair or just tired of spending time shaving just to have to redo it another 72 hours later, laser hair removal may work for you. The benefits of choosing XEO® Laser Hair Removal include minimal downtime after treatment, long-term results, little-to-no side effects. The XEO® can remove even the lightest hair, giving you excellent results.

What Can I Expect?

The procedure is convenient, safe, and effective, but laser hair treatment can be slightly uncomfortable. Thankfully the XEO® laser is designed to minimize any unpleasant sensations you may experience during treatment. Not all hair follicles in a treatment area can be targeted in a single session, so you must schedule multiple sessions to eliminate most or all of them. How many sessions it takes depends on the area being treated, the density of the hair, and your skin and hair type. You may have a slight reddening of the skin and minor swelling following a session. This should resolve within a day or two.

Woman's smooth legs after laser hair removal

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XEO® Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton, Alberta

If you find yourself struggling with ingrown hairs, razor bumps, or if you are just tired of your body and facial hair growing back too quickly, Compassion Medical Wellness Centre is here to help. Contact us today and schedule your appointment by calling (780) 760-8309 or clicking the button below. We’re looking forward to speaking with you.


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