Specialist Referrals

Specialist Referrals

A general practitioner is not only the first doctor you should see but can act as a liaison between you and a more specialized doctor. Here at Compassion Medical Wellness, our dedicated staff offers a range of services, including elderly care, adolescent checkups, and chronic disease management, to name a few. However, there are certain illnesses that we are unable to address, in which case we can instead provide you with specialist referrals. By visiting a trusted specialist, you can receive the attention you need and get to the bottom of your condition quickly.

What Does Compassion Medical Wellness Provide?

Among our services are periodic and annual medical exams, well-baby visits, mental health counseling, and more. We can also provide prescription renewals. When it comes to rare diseases, we can provide support and educate you on what you can do to improve your life. However, for complete treatment, it would be best to discuss your illness with one of the specialized doctors we refer you to. Speaking to a specialist will give you a more thorough understanding of what you’re dealing with and how to properly address it.

Why Are Specialist Referrals Needed?

Specialist referrals are needed when a disease is rare or too complex for a general practitioner. Getting a referral from a trusted source is a better idea than finding a doctor online for several reasons. Firstly, a specialist we refer you to will likely be within your medical insurance plan, making the visit more affordable. Furthermore, as we get to know you better, we will develop a good understanding of your needs and connect you with a provider that is best equipped to assist you.

Conditions That Require Specialist Referrals

Rare and complex diseases that are specific to the lungs, heart, GI tract, or other parts of the body may require a specialist. In some cases, a condition will also require a specialized test to diagnose and evaluate thoroughly. In those instances, visiting a doctor with the specialized equipment and knowledge can be instrumental in getting you the help you need. For information on the specialists that we work with, please schedule a consultation today.

Spine specialist talking to an older client

Specialist Referrals in Edmonton, Alberta

Here at Compassion Medical Wellness, we provide our patients with specialist referrals if they struggle with rare or complex diseases. If you have been feeling ill or have been diagnosed with a serious illness, get in touch with our team today. Request an appointment by giving us a call at (780) 760-8309.