Contraceptive Management

Contraceptive Management

The desire to settle down and start a family arises at different rates for different people. Some couples may wish to wait until they are more secure financially to have children. Others may come to the conclusion that having children is not the right choice for them at all. Whether you want to wait a while or don’t want to take that step in general, we can provide you with contraceptive management services to help you stay protected and in control. Get in touch with our team at Compassion Medical Wellness Centre today to explore our services.

Why Women Seek Contraceptive Help

In the modern world, women have many goals, and they may not include having children right away. This creates a dilemma for women who have an active sex life. You may not wish to rely on your partner remembering to always use a prophylactic, or on knowing your cycle (the “rhythm” method). In those cases, exploring contraceptive management options may be a great decision.

What Type of Contraceptive Management Do We Offer?

The birth control pill is one of the most common and easiest options for women. At our Edmonton office, we can prescribe these and other types of contraceptives based on your individual circumstances. While contraceptives are effective, it is important to remember that they are not foolproof. Additionally, not all methods protect from STIs, so we recommend discussing any and all concerns you may have with us before deciding on a birth control method.

What Are the Long-term Side Effects?

Certain contraceptives carry some risk. For example, common birth control methods can cause you to have irregular periods, hormonal imbalance, and occasional mood swings. Each person responds to contraceptive management differently based on their individual hormone balances and personality. In order to help you make the right decision, we will spend the time to discuss your needs, review your medical history, and walk you through the potential side effects you may experience as a result of using birth control.

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Contraceptive Management in Edmonton, Alberta

Deciding on a birth control method can be a big decision. If you need extra guidance and help with your contraceptive management, we urge you to get in touch today. Request an appointment at our Edmonton office by clicking the button below or giving us a call at (780) 760-8309.

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