STI Check

STI Check

A sexually transmitted disease or infection can present itself in subtle ways. You may often develop symptoms with little warning or not experience any signs of an illness at all. For this reason, you can never be too careful when practicing safe sex. If you have engaged in sexual intercourse without protection, scheduling a STI check is always a good call. For adult and adolescent testing services, our team at Compassion Medical Wellness Centre can help. We provide guidance on sexual safety and offer a range of testing solutions to give you a thorough understanding of your health status.

What Are The Most Common STIs?

Chlamydia, human papillomavirus (HPV), and syphilis are just some of the most common STIs that people can catch. When it comes to these specific diseases, the good news is they can be easily treated with antibiotics. However, getting STI checks and practicing prevention in the first place are still advised. Sexually transmitted infections are surprisingly common and can often remain in your system for a while before showing any symptoms. Stopping their spread through early detection and treatment is essential to keeping everyone safe.

What Are the Symptoms of an STI?

STIs can be asymptomatic or present themselves in a variety of ways. Some symptoms of an STI include pain during sex or urination, visible sores or bumps, unusual discharge, and itchiness around the genital area. Being mindful of these common issues is important for catching an STI early enough for proper treatment. In many cases, though not foolproof, simply using a condom during intercourse is a good enough STI prevention method to ensure that you don’t catch anything.

How Can a STI Check Help?

Here at our Edmonton, Alberta location, we offer a variety of STI checks for both adolescents and adults to get to the bottom of whatever infection they may be struggling with. We perform swab tests, blood tests, and urine sample tests based on your specific symptoms and the information you provide. Each procedure is carried out discreetly and within a comfortable, supportive environment. If you believe you may have an infection and are in need of an STI check, we urge you to get in touch with our team as soon as you can.

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Schedule Your STI Check in Edmonton, Alberta

If you think you have an STI or are concerned about getting one, we’re here to help. At Compassion Medical Wellness Centre, we provide a range of STI checks to ensure your long-term health and happiness. Contact us today and schedule your appointment by clicking the button below or calling (780) 760-8309. We’re looking forward to speaking with you.

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