Being overweight can not only have an impact on your day-to-day life but can also lead to serious health complications. Heart disease, diabetes, and a slew of other life-threatening conditions can arise as a result of poor eating and exercise habits. That is why managing your health is so important. Here at Compassion Medical Wellness Centre, we offer support to those who are eager to lose weight and improve their lives.

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What Causes Obesity?

Living a sedentary lifestyle and practicing poor eating habits can both contribute to obesity. Environmental factors, socioeconomic status, and genetics can play a significant role in how much weight a person gains. If others in your family struggle with their weight, chances are that you too will have a difficult time managing it. In order to create an effective weight management program, identifying all of the factors contributing to your condition is essential.

How Excess Weight Affects Your Life

One of the biggest challenges faced by those who are overweight is the onset of illness. Obesity can quickly lead to diabetes and cardiovascular issues. Taking preventative measures through lifestyle changes is the best way to avoid these problems. If you already struggle with a disease caused by obesity, we can discuss your treatment options and determine the best course of action for you.

How We Address Obesity

Here at our Edmonton office, we offer chronic disease management services, counseling services, and nutritional guidance to those struggling with their weight. By working together, we can determine the source of your eating habits and map an effective treatment plan to help you live a healthier lifestyle. 

Obesity Treatments in Edmonton, Alberta

If you are overweight, there are treatment options available. Here at Compassion Medical Wellness Centre, we provide comprehensive care to those who would like to lose weight and improve their quality of life. Get in touch with our team by calling (780) 760-8309 today.