Wound Care

Wound Care

Falls, accidents with sharp objects, and vehicle collisions are the most common causes of wounds. Getting a cut, scrape, or abrasion isn’t necessarily a cause for concern. However, when these kinds of injuries go unaddressed, you can run the risk of developing infections and serious complications further down the line. If you have recently been injured, we urge you to get in touch with our team at Compassion Medical Wellness today. Here at our Edmonton office, we provide exceptional wound care to address your injuries and prevent any risk of future infections.

What Is Wound Care?

An open wound is an injury involving an external or internal break in body tissue. Just about everyone will experience an open wound at some point in their lives. When this occurs, addressing the wound quickly is vital as stalling could lead to infection and complications. Wound care simply refers to disinfecting, treating, and possibly stitching a wound when it occurs. Often, a wound can be treated properly at home, but if it is severe, it does require a medical professional to treat it effectively.

What Kinds of Wounds Do We Treat?

Wounds come in different shapes and sizes but are often categorized as abrasions, lacerations, punctures, and avulsions. The severity of your injury matters when deciding whether or not to come in for wound care. In the case of major injuries, such as those that cause avulsions (gunshots, explosions, and car accidents), professional wound care is absolutely necessary. Here at Compassion Medical Wellness, we provide treatments for injuries including wound dressing, disinfection, bandaging, stitching, and more.

Why Choose Compassion Medical Wellness Centre

At Compassion Medical Wellness Centre, we offer comprehensive solutions for a range of medical concerns. Along with providing wound care, we also offer prescription renewals, specialists referrals, mental health counseling, and much more. When visiting our Edmonton office, you will be happy to discover a team of attentive medical personnel ready to give you the care you require.

Doctor wrapping a patient's knee

Wound Care in Edmonton, Alberta

If you have been seriously injured, it is important that you seek immediate medical attention. If your wound won’t heal or is infected, our team can help. We provide effective wound care to those struggling with both large and small-scale injuries. Request an appointment by clicking the button below or calling (780) 760-8309.