Wound care is one of the services we provide here at Compassion Medical Wellness. While most injuries result in minor scrapes or abrasions, more serious injuries may require stitches. Moreover, stitch removal may also be necessary after a wound treatment due to certain sutures not being dissolvable. If you have need of one or both of these services, we welcome you to schedule an appointment at our Edmonton office today. Our providers can address your wound care needs and provide you with the best treatment results each and every time.


When Are Stitches Necessary?

Stitches may be needed if a wound is deep, jagged, or gaping. Wounds that bleed profusely even after several minutes of direct pressure may also require stitches. Ultimately, it is necessary to speak with a medical professional to determine the best method of addressing an injury. Here at Compassion Medical Wellness, we can provide you with a c onsultation and the services necessary to address your injury in a proper manner.

When Can Stitches Be Removed?

Although removing stitches is not difficult, it should never be attempted at home. This is because determining whether a wound is sufficiently healed is better left to a doctor. In most cases, you can expect to keep sutures or stitches in place for several days or weeks after an injury. The removal process involves clipping each thread near the knot and pulling the sutures out. You may feel a slight tugging sensation throughout this process, but the procedure shouldn’t hurt at all.

Why Choose Compassion Medical Wellness Centre

Here at Compassion Medical Wellness Centre, we offer a range of services that can help your injury heal properly and cleanly. Along with stitches, we can also disinfect wounds, prescribe medications, and evaluate the severity of your condition. Our staff is trained to address a range of injuries and illnesses. If you are struggling with a medical issue, we welcome you to get in touch and receive the treatment you deserve.

Stitches on a person's shoulder

Stitches and Stitch Removal in Edmonton, Alberta

Whether you need stitches or would like them removed, we’re here to help. At Compassion Medical Wellness Centre, we offer a range of treatments and services to help you feel your best. Request an appointment by clicking the button below or giving us a call at (780) 760-8309.