Palliative Care

Palliative Care

The common approach among medical practitioners is to provide patients with medication and send them on their way. However, if you are struggling with a chronic illness such as diabetes, a more comprehensive approach is needed to ensure your long-term happiness. That’s where palliative care comes into play. This medical service focuses on providing you with relief from the symptoms and stress of your disease. When paired with a curative protocol, palliative care can help you not only address your illness but feel comfortable as well.

What Is Palliative Care?

The primary goal of palliative care is to relieve suffering and ensure the best quality of life for both patients and their families. Chronic diseases are often accompanied by physical, mental, and emotional distress that interferes with daily life. The goal of palliative services is to address and ease these symptoms. Commonly used in elderly care in particular, this service can ease the struggles that accompany chronic diseases.

What Does Palliative Care Address?

If you suffer from a chronic illness, it’s likely that you are familiar with pain, depression, shortness of breath, fatigue, constipation, nausea, loss of appetite, difficulty sleeping, and anxiety. These issues can often be brought on by not only the disease but the medication used to treat it as well. If any of these sound familiar to you, you will be happy to know that you can find relief thanks to palliative care.

Why Choose Compassion Medical Wellness Centre

Here at Compassion Medical Wellness Centre, we consider both the needs of our patients and their caregivers. Our goal is to ensure a happy, comfortable life for everyone concerned. For that reason, our palliative services include counseling, coordination with your other doctors, guidance, and an exploration of treatment options. If you feel alone and are in need of an attentive support network, our team is happy to help.

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Palliative Care in Edmonton, Alberta

Here at our Edmonton office, we offer palliative services for elderly, adult, and adolescent patients. If you have a chronic illness and are seeking help, we urge you to get in touch with us today. Request an appointment by clicking the button below or giving us a call at (780) 760-8309.