IUD Insertions

IUD Insertions

Pregnancy is often considered one of the biggest moments in a person’s life. Therefore, it is important to make the conscious decision to have children beforehand instead of having an accidental pregnancy. If you are sexually active and worried about becoming pregnant, we can provide you with several birth control options. One of the most popular services we provide is IUD insertion. IUD insertions are long-term, reversible, and one of the most effective birth control methods available. Schedule an appointment today to learn more about what we can do for you.

Why Women Choose IUD Insertions

IUDs provide women with great long-term protection against pregnancy. Based on research, most IUD insertions are more than 99% effective in preventing pregnancy. Another benefit of choosing this birth control method is that there is no way to mess it up. There are no pills to remember or routines that you have to follow and there is no way to use an IUD incorrectly. If you want ease and peace of mind, we invite you to get in touch with our Edmonton office to discuss this effective birth control method.

What Are the Long-term Side Effects?

Women often don’t experience any side effects from IUD insertions. However, in some cases, cramping, spotting, and irregular periods can occur. Following insertion, you may also experience cramping and backaches. These side effects may last for several months but tend to ease once your body gets used to the changes prompted by the IUD. Removing the IUD may also cause side effects, most commonly spotting. If you experience any adverse reactions to your IUD, be sure to reach out to our office as soon as possible.

Can IUDs Be Safely Removed?

One of the main benefits of choosing an IUD is its easy removal. The procedure is quick and simple. During a removal procedure, a doctor will gently pull the IUD string, its arms will fold up, and it will gently slip out. You may feel cramping for a minute as it comes out. In some cases, removal may be less straightforward. If this happens, special instruments may be used to extract it. In very rare cases, surgery may be necessary to remove an IUD. After the removal, you will feel normal aside from some spotting symptoms. Best of all, your ability to become pregnant will return to normal after the procedure.

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IUD Insertions in Edmonton, Alberta

If you are considering an IUD implant or other birth control method, we welcome you to get in touch with our team at Compassion Medical Wellness. Get started today by requesting an appointment at our Edmonton office by giving us a call at (780) 760-8309 or clicking the button below.

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