Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety & Depression

Experiencing occasional bouts of nervousness is completely normal. However, feeling anxiety for a long period of time may be due to an underlying issue. Worse still, if you struggle with anxious feelings for a prolonged period of time, your mental health could decline further, leading to increased stress and even depression. At Compassion Medical Wellness Centre, we strive to provide comprehensive solutions to our patients and help them through their problems. If you are experiencing mental health issues, we can provide you with the counseling and guidance you need to regain control over your life.

What Are the Signs and Causes of Anxiety?

While the anticipation of certain events may cause us to feel anxious, this response may be due to past trauma, hormonal imbalance, and even poor nutrition. Anxiety disorders are characterized by significant feelings of fear about upcoming events. People who struggle with this issue can attest to these fears manifesting in physical ways when not properly addressed. Signs of this problem can include a fast heart rate, shakiness, loss of appetite, and other such symptoms.

What Are the Signs and Causes of Depression?

Depression signs include fatigue, restlessness, insomnia, body aches, and more. Each person experiences this problem differently and for different reasons. In any case, both seasonal and clinical depression can make it difficult for us to engage in activities we once enjoyed. If you have been feeling low and have lost interest in activities you once found fun, we’re here to help. At Compassion Medical Wellness Centre, we can provide you with a comprehensive evaluation to truly understand what you’re feeling and how we can work through it together.

How Can Compassion Medical Wellness Centre Help?

Here at Compassion Medical Wellness Centre, our focus is on addressing the body’s ailments on a deep level. When you arrive at our Edmonton office, we will provide you with a thorough evaluation to determine the cause of your mental health symptoms. Along with this, we can offer counseling services to help you regain control over your symptoms. Our counseling procedures may include guidance, medication, and lifestyle recommendations depending on your particular needs.

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Addressing Anxiety and Depression in Edmonton, Alberta

Your mental health is just as important as your physical well-being. If you are feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed, we urge you to get in touch with our team. Connect with us today and schedule your appointment by calling our Edmonton office at (780) 760-8309. We’re looking forward to speaking with you.