Men’s Health

Men’s Health

While certain diseases like diabetes and cancer can affect anyone, there are certain illnesses that men are more susceptible to. Concerns like prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction, and a range of other illnesses can have a serious impact on a man’s wellbeing. Therefore, getting annual and periodic checkups is important for helping men maintain their optimal health. At Compassion Medical Wellness Centre, we provide comprehensive testing services and support for men struggling with their health. Get in touch with our Edmonton office to schedule an appointment today.

What Are Some Common Men’s Health Issues?

Erectile dysfunction and prostate cancer are among the most common issues that men struggle with worldwide. It is estimated that 13 out of 100 men develop prostate cancer in their lifetime. Men are also at particular risk of developing heart problems and certain illnesses like Type 2 diabetes. If you are experiencing symptoms of an illness or feel you may be at particular risk for developing one, we urge you to get in touch with our team today.

Why Are Annual and Periodic Checkups Important?

Annual and periodic checkups are an essential part of men’s health. Visiting a doctor regularly can help identify and treat potential health concerns before they arise. Many conditions such as prostate cancer often show no symptoms at the onset. By the time serious complications arise, treatment may be much more difficult. At Compassionate Medical Wellness, we offer testing and treatment services in addition to checkups to help you maintain control over your health.

Can Men Benefit From Preventative Care? 

Preventative care is beneficial for everyone, regardless of their age or gender. The preventative services at our Edmonton office can effectively identify and treat conditions before they become serious. Moreover, our counseling services can help you better manage your stress and anxiety levels, improving your day-to-day life and minimizing the risk of developing an illness. 

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